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Rolf-Dieter Kabelitz

born on June 23, 1951
shot on January 7, 1971
on the outer ring between Bergfelde (Oranienburg district) and Berlin-Reinickendorf
died from his bullet wounds on January 30, 1971

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Wolfgang Hoffmann

Wolfgang Hoffmann born on September 1, 1942
jumped to his death on July 15, 1971
from the East German police inspection building in Berlin-Treptow
after being arrested at the Friedrichstrasse station border crossing

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Werner Kühl

Werner Kühl born on February 10, 1949
shot dead on July 24, 1971
near the bridge at Britzer Allee/Baumschulenweg
on the sector border between Berlin-Neukölln and Berlin-Treptow

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Dieter Beilig

Dieter Beilig born on September 5, 1941
shot dead on October 2, 1971
near the Brandenburg Gate
on the sector border between Berlin-Tiergarten and Berlin-Mitte

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