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Holger H.

Holger H. born in 1971
suffocated to death while fleeing with his parents on January 22, 1973
at the Drewitz border crossing/ Dreilinden command post (“Checkpoint Bravo”) on the outer ring between Potsdam-Babelsberg and

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Volker Frommann

Volker Frommann born on April 23, 1944
seriously injured in an accident on March 1, 1973
near the Pankow S-Bahn station
on the sector border between Berlin-Pankow and Berlin-Wedding
died from his wounds on March 5, 1973

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Horst Einsiedel

Horst Einsiedel born on February 8, 1940
shot dead on March 15, 1973
at the Pankow municipal cemetery
on the sector border between Berlin-Pankow und Berlin-Reinickendorf

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Manfred Gertzki

Manfred Gertzki born on May 17, 1942
shot and drowned on April 27, 1973
close to the Reichstag building
at the sector border between Berlin-Mitte and Berlin-Tiergarten

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Siegfried Kroboth

Siegfried Kroboth born on April 23, 1968
drowned on May 14, 1973
in the Spree near the Brommy Bridge
on the sector border between Berlin-Kreuzberg and

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