In accordance with the Senate resolution of 2006, by 2014 the memorial will be developed into the central site for commemoration of the Berlin Wall and its victims.
The Visitor Center on Gartenstrasse opened in 2009. It serves as a starting point for registered groups and visitors, explaining what there is to see and do at the memorial and providing an overview of the entire memorial grounds and other Berlin Wall sights in Berlin.

A new element is being added to the memorial: a permanent open-air exhibit on the former border strip on the south side of Bernauer Strasse that is accessible at all times. The Berlin landscape and architecture offices “sinai” and “ON architektur,” winners of the international competition held in 2007, designed this 1.3 km long and 4.4 hectare large expanse into a novel memorial landscape.

The existing remains and traces of the Berlin Wall have been preserved, helping to make the dramatic historical events come alive. The “Window of Remembrance,” completed in 2010, is a central element on the grounds of the former Sophien parish cemetery, providing the victims at the Berlin Wall with a dignified commemorative site.

The first building phase between Gartenstrasse and Ackerstrasse was completed in May 2010. The entire redesigned outdoor grounds should be finished in 2014.

The new open-air exhibition creates a link between the older parts of the memorial: the monument in memory of the division of the city and in commemoration of the victims of communist tyranny on the grounds of the former death strip; the Documentation Center located across the street with a permanent exhibition and viewing platform; and the Chapel of Reconciliation.

Map of the Memorial Grounds

Map of the Memorial Grounds
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Das Besucherzentrum

The Visitor Center, 2010
Photo: A. Schölzel, Berlin Wall Memorial

Errichtung des Wachturms

Erecting the watchtower on the grounds of the memorial, November 2009, Photo: J. Hohmuth, Berlin Wall Memorial

Errichtung des Fensters des Gedenkens

Erecting the Window of Remembrance, April 9, 2010, Photo: J. Hohmuth, Berlin Wall Memorial

Erweiterung der Außenausstellung

Expanding the open-air exhibition, 2010, Photo: A. Klausmeier, Berlin Wall Memorial