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Due to the spread of the respiratory disease COVID-19, the Berlin Wall Memorial Visitor Center is currently closed. Therefore the film room is not accessible at the moment. We regret this very much and ask for your understanding.

An introductory film on the history of the Berlin Wall is shown on the upper level of the Visitor Center at Bernauer Strasse 119. It begins with the political situation after World War II and shows the events that led from the construction to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The film is shown together with the film “Walled In,” a computer simulation of the border fortifications on Bernauer Strasse in Berlin and on the inner German border in Hötensleben/ Saxony-Anhalt.

Both films were produced by the Deutsche Welle

The films are shown at the following times:

German version:
On the hour: “Die Berliner Mauer”
15 minutes past the hour: “Eingemauert!”

English version:
On the half hour: “The Berlin Wall”
15 minutes before the hour: “Walled in!”