A specialized media center and periodical collection is available for research and educational work in the memorial. They are used primarily by the memorial’s staff as source and research material, but visitors may request to use them as well.

Media Center
From the very beginning the memorial began collecting audio-visual material and multimedia applications related to the Berlin Wall and the history of German division. It has a few contemporary audio recordings and film productions, but most of the collection consists of documentary reports and educational material from the period after 1990.

Periodicals Collection
The periodicals collection contains about seventy different magazine series and yearbooks, sometimes with only a single issue, containing articles and essays relevant to the Berlin Wall. The complete and comprehensive holdings of the SBZ-Archiv (1949-1968), Deutschland-Archiv (1968-2012), der Neuen Justiz (1958-1981) and the Gesetzblatt der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik (1949-1990) are of particular interest. The specialized collection which is constantly expanding also contains the magazines Horch und Guck and Der Stacheldraht.



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