My Photo from Autumn 1989

The division of Germany came to an end in 1989. In early summer of that year the political situation in East Germany intensified. The protests could no longer be halted. People were making clear demands for a more democratic society. At the same time, thousands of young people were escaping to the West through the opening of the Iron Curtain in Hungary. While the East German leaders celebrated the 40th anniversary of the republic, people were demonstrating on the streets for freedom and democracy. They founded citizen’s movements and political parties and expressed political demands for reforming society. The fall of the Berlin Wall was the result of this development that encompassed all of Eastern Europe and led to the end of the cold war.

People went out on the streets in Berlin and Leipzig, but they stood up for their interests in countless other places, too. They founded round tables and achieved political and social changes in the places where they lived. “Awesome” became the word of the year and people all over Germany, in the East and the West, were deeply moved by what they saw happening. The political changes that led to German unity affected every single individual in the East and West personally.

We invite you to help us document the diversity of these memories by making YOUR personal photo of the autumn of 1989 available to the Berlin Wall Memorial’s online presentation.