My Photo from Autumn 1989

Private recollections of the Peaceful Revolution
Temporary Exhibition of the Berlin Wall Memorial
in cooperation with the Association "Gegen Vergessen - Für Demokratie"
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Bequest of Bodo Köhler

Bodo Köhler, together with Detlef Girrmann and Dieter Thieme, was the brain behind a student escape assistance group. In August 1961, they and others began helping students who lived in the East and had studied at West Berlin universities to escape to the West along with their families and friends. They used different escape methods: the sewage system, transit routes, ferries to Scandinavia, converted vehicles as well as official border crossings. These escapes required various aids: passports from West Germany or other western countries, identification of similar-looking people, and fake passports.

Attending to the bequest: Lydia Dollmann and Dr. Maria Nooke