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Prof. Dr. Axel Klausmeier Born in 1965 in Essen, PhD, study of art history, medieval and modern history in Bochum, Munich and Berlin

1999 Completion of a biographical dissertation on the English architect Thomas Ripley (1682-1758)

1999-2001 Trainee scholar with the Foundation of Prussian Castles and Gardens in Berlin-Brandenburg

2001-2006 Assistant professor in the department of architectural conservation at the University of BTU Cottbus; work and research focus: “Inconvenient historical monuments” and how politically-tainted building legacies are handled and discussed

2001 and 2003 Documentation of the remains of the Berlin Wall within the city center, together with Leo Schmidt, a project commissioned by the Berlin Senate

2006-2007 Head assistant at the Institute for Historical Preservation at ETH Zurich

2007/2008 Scholarly staff in the DFG-research project “The Berlin Wall as a symbol of the cold war: From a tool of SED domestic policies to a building monument of international standing” at the department of architectural conservation of the University of Cottbus

Since January 2009 Director of the Berlin Wall Foundation

Numerous publications on the documentation, handling and discussion of historical structures and historical cultural landscapes, in particular with regard to the history and significance of the Berlin Wall