Daily Life Before the Wall Was Built

Regine Hildebrandt: Living Between Two Worlds
Manfred Witt: Growing Up at the Sector Border

Building the Wall

Günter Malchow: Daily Madness with the Wall
Rosemarie Platz: A Meeting of Far-Reaching Consequences
Elke Rosin: Escape From a Border House on Bernauer Strasse
Werner Coch: A Difficult Decision
Jürgen Litfin: My Brother was Shot at the Border

Escape and Escape Assistance

Ulrich Pfeifer: Escape Through the Sewage System and other Underground Activities
Joachim Rudolph: Building Tunnels on Bernauer Strasse
Hasso Herschel: Escape Agent with Prison Experience
Joachim Neumann: Turn Your Back on this State
Dr. Renate Werwigk-Schneider: We didnít Want to be Locked Up


Günter Jeschonnek: Citizen not Supplicant
Dagmar Böttcher: Leaving the Country at Fourteen
Angelika Schröter: We didnít Feel Free Anymore
Wolfram Schröter: Knuff Continues to Play in West Berlin

Living with the Wall

Klaus-Peter Elle: One Residentís Observations
Christine Bartels: The Last Apartment Building Before the Wall

Opposition and Resistance

Hans-Joachim Lazai: Policeman and Wall Detonator
Hartmut Richter: Unyielding at Every Turn
Rainer Eppelmann: Minister and Regime Critic